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Founded in 1999, CTV Golden Bridge International Media Group (SinoMedia, 00623.HK) has developed into China's leading integrated media corporation. To build multi-screen marketing platform of "mobile + internet + TV" as its core, CTVGB has two major business cluters including "Internet Media and Content Operation" and "TV Advertising and Branding Services". In the past 19 years, covering both international and domestic markets, CTVGB has provided a comprehensive, professional and thoughtful brand communication service for more than 3,000 companies and tourism brands across the world.


Multi-screen media platform of "internet + TV"

"Multi-screen integration" has become an important trend of brand communication and marketing. As the only multi-screen media operation group with internet media platforms in China, CTVGB has made efforts to provide clients with media platform service based on "network + TV" for sustainable development,. Currently, CTVGB's TV media network includes five channels of CCTV, overseas media of CNBC, the public broadcast network of hundreds of local television stations and Super Channel, covering nearly 1.3 billion national population and  nearly 400 million worldwide audience; the digital media network mainly includes the Lotour.com, Wugu.com.cn, Boosj.com, multi-screen interactive APP Playform, etc.

The bridge between the users and the customers

CTVGB is committed to building a bridge between the Internet & mobile Internet users and the brands. On one hand, we provide netizens with high quality media products and services based on the "mobile Internet + Internet + TV", on the other hand, we provide clients with "one-stop" branding solutions which covering content marketing, media research and strategy, media buying and integration, creative advertising and production, public relations planning and implementation, etc.

Services to both domestic and international markets

We help Chinese brands to locate internationally, at the same time international brands to develop in China. We have good cooperation with international media in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, the United States and France. By using our own advantages that know more about Chinese media, clients and advertising environment than the other international advertising enterprises, we successfully help many international brands and their branch companies develop their Chinese market every year.

City and financial brand marketing expert

Through 15 years of devoted operation, CTVGB has become the pioneer and leader in China city brand communication field, and has set up the industry standards for the Communication of China's urban tourism brand. CTVGB covers 90% of CCTV market shares. Its clients are tourist sites, provincial governments and foreign tourism bureaus, including Shandong, Guizhou, Hubei, Jiangsu, Chengdu, Yiwu, Malaysia tourism bureau and Macau tourism bureau, etc.

In the field of financial and insurance brand communication service, CTVGB, with its professional, high quality and accurate communication service and the suitable and considerate service concept, has won the recognition of big commercial banks and the insurance giants. Its clients include: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Postal Savings Bank, China Everbright Bank, China Life Insurance, Ping An Insurance, People's Insurance Company of China, etc.

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