Content Marketing

Through the company's three major network platforms and the self-developed video TV programs, we offer our clients multiple forms of content marketing services, including content implantation, public relations report, project cooperation, online activities, etc. which would make accurate communications with the vertical web community and enhance the brand influence. In comparison with the traditional advertising, the content marketing is richer and more flexible in its form, and is able to creatively improve the audience sense of participation and interactivity.

Founded in 2005, is China's leading tourist destination media, and is committed to the development and application of brand marketing system for 40,000 tourist destinations around the world. is the leading tourism network marketing in China.

On the basis of the clear brand positioning, has been sticking to build the interactive platform of "travel dream ", "travel plans", "travel consumption" and "information sharing" for the tourists, advocates the most fashionable tourist consumption way and idea, and provides the  professional network marketing services and information services for China's tourism industry.

To boost China's tourism industry as its own duty, to realize the development of Chinese tourism informatization as its goal,, over the years, has provided the comprehensive and high quality network information services and the Internet marketing solutions for China National Tourism Administration, Chinese provinces (municipalities) and autonomous region tourism administrations and the tourism enterprises. was launched online in February 2012 on line, and is committed to building China's modern agricultural information service platform. Its average daily PV is 300000, which contributes it to the top of the agricultural comprehensive network media list, and in December 2012, was defined by China's Ministry of Agriculture as the national key agricultural project.

Relying on the powerful expert team of Rural Economy Department, Development Research Center of the State Gouncil, Wugu works closely with many well-known research institutions and information provider both at home and abroad, follows the "professional, authoritative, prospective and guiding" principles, comprehensively collects and integrates the information of agricultural sector and research results, and Communications authority information in the fields of agriculture economy, industry analysis, strategic planning, etc.

Relying on the strong operating strength of CTVGB international media group, focusing on the "agricultural innovation to get rich" development orientation, Wugu has introduced many talents from many areas such as agriculture, finance, Internet, etc. It firstly creates the "subject" pattern of information service mode, and at the same time continuously develops "application service products". It offers authority interpretations of agricultural news and policies for the high-end users, solves puzzles of agricultural development; provides dynamic information report of the global market for the modern agriculture practitioners  and  grasps the agricultural development opportunities; provides the investment hot spots of agricultural development for agricultural investors, explores the frontier agricultural science and technology and practical technologies and occupies the agricultural development market.

With the efforts of Hangzhou Sanki Media Co., LTD., Boosj network station was established in June 2006. It is a new network video media with leading position in China's video industry at present and is headquartered in Hangzhou.

Based on its massive video resources, high-quality contents and cooperative advantage in news media, taking "to build the first city people's livelihood information platform with the biggest influence" as its goal and "new video, new life" as its slogan, Boosj always focuses on the urban cultural life and Communications the hot information about people's livelihood. Its vertical professional channels include the service of people's livelihood, hot information, TV marks, men and women, Lohas, originals, games, films and public benefits, etc. Boosj has formed a unique video interaction platform and multi-screen interactive operation system. Currently, the websites has more than 2.6 million videos with monthly 23 million users.

Now the Andriod and iphone APP of Boosj has been developed and published on line. Facing the future, Boosj will strive to become the leader of network video transmission platform, create a benign environment of "platform + content + terminal + application" and accelerate the changes of people's life style.

Scent of A Man

Scent of A Man is a cooking variety show invested and produced by the CTVGB. Its first season has 13 episodes and was broadcasted in Jiangxi Satellite TV every Saturday night at 22:45 from November 2013 to February 2014. In the aspect of program form, this TV show is different from dating programs, talent contests, games and other funny shows which dominate the Chinese television market and has its own attractive characters.

This TV show also sets up its own official website in, and broadcasted on Thunder Kankan and Le TV which realizes the multi-transmission between TV and new media. The new season will invite 12 popular stars and 36 famous figures in order to trigger the common hot topics, such as the stars back to the ordinary life, the local gourmet cooking skills and the sublimation of the ordinary and real emotions, etc.


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