Media Acquisition & Integration

 We have operated in China's market for 15 years and have a profound understanding for Chinese media environment and the brand development. Thus, we have formed a mature and perfect media purchasing system and established a long-term relations of cooperation with many media platforms. This makes our clients got the resources selection priorities and price advantage in the process of media resources procurement, and ensures the accuracy and efficiency in the execution. Taking the CCTV and the provincial TV channels as its core, CTVGB media resources include the network media, such as the mainstream portals, video media and social media, etc., and the traditional media resources, such as the print, outdoor and radio, etc. The number of its cooperation media has reached more than 200.

China Central Television(CCTV)

CCTV is China's national television media and the highest platform of brand communication. It is China's most important news agency and television media platform. As the biggest agent of CCTV, CTVGB has maintained for 14 years of cooperation with it. With the longest agent time and the maximum across-channel resources, we service more than 300 clients each year. CTVGB has 40000 minutes of five CCTV channels' exclusive advertising agency which covers more than 50 hot columns and is named "top ten advertising agency of CCTV" in eight consecutive years. At present, we provide two big services about CCTV proxy bidding and media solution for our clients.

Other TV media

We are the sole agent of CNBC in mainland China and the public broadcast network of hundreds of local television stations.

As the world's recognized leader in the financial media, the CNBC has three regional financial report networks: Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States. It owns more than 100 countries' finance and economics news antennae throughout the world, and with the objective, independent and in-depth analysis and real-time reports, it wins the trust of the global business community. CNBC belongs to the NBC universal, a leader in the global media, and covers the global communication network. This TV station covers 380 million families in the whole world, and each week about 80 million global audience watch it.

The CTVGB's public broadcast network, as China's first and only city-leveled television broadcast platform, is committed to the long-term development of the public benefit. Relying on the Chinese city television media and taking the social needs as its starting point, the CTVGB's public broadcast network publics the media resources, focuses on the creative, innovative and superior production and strives to become the Chinese leading public welfare advertising media platform. At present, joining with more than 200 Chinese city television station, it has covers nearly 900 million population in China's 26 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government and autonomous regions.

Digital media

We have maintained a good cooperation with the domestic and international mainstream network media, especially with China's mainstream portal news websites, search engines, social networks and video website. The main cooperative partners include: Sina, Sohu, Netease, Tencent, Baidu, Phoenix TV, Xinhua, People's Daily Online, Renren, Youku Tudou, iQiYi, etc.

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